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  • Elica’s Rehearsal in Progress

    Elica’s Rehearsal in Progress

    Do you know Jean Giraudoux, a French playwright of early 20th Century?I will be in one of his plays called La Guerre de Troie N’aura Pas Lieu: The Trojan War will Never Take Place. The play is known and made into many stage productions in English as Tiger At The Gates, translated by Stephen Fry.…


    It is Summer Solstice. Do you celebrate, and how? Japanese June is quite rainy, very different from Europe and USA.Not much sun, yet very very humid.Which prevents us from celebrate the day as a festival.However, at Ise ([ise]), Wakayama prefecture, where AmaTeras [amateras] the Goddess of the Sun is worshiped, holds an important festival on…

  • Want some information?

    Want some information?

    Don’t you find it hard to find information in English, on what to watch in theatre, except traditional performing arts such as Kabuki and Noh? I do. And I have been wondering if I could be of a little help in that area through my English blog. Well, there are many things going on, in…

  • What is Acting?

    What is Acting?

    Hi from Elica!How are you doing in this world filled with so many problems? First, take a soothing breath in by enjoying my little rose garden. Now I have a question for you. What is acting? Many times I noticed that good directors tend to say “Stop acting!” or “Don’t act!”  What does this mean?…

  • Japanese Spring with Plum Blossoms

    Japanese Spring with Plum Blossoms

    Before anything, I must express my heart filled with sorrow for the people in Ukraine.I am against any form of violence.Though I know violence is quite a main and entertaining part of performing arts, the reason I am in the perfroming art is to make the world peaceful. By saying that, today, I am going…

  • New Year 2022

    New Year 2022

    For my international friends: Acting skills of actors are not only for theatre practitioners, but also (and more so) for our general daily interactive communication. 【Live Interaction】Looking into the mind’s eye.

  • ELICA Performing on Stage, September 2021

    ELICA Performing on Stage, September 2021

    I was performing on stage in Tokyo last week and want to share the beautiful photos with you. The piece was written by Dea Loher, a famous German playwright, called “Ja, es gibt eine Vision für die Theater der Zukunft” (Yes, There is the Vision of the Future of Theatre). Check my blog site here.

  • Move the Heart of the Audience

    Move the Heart of the Audience

    How do you get the audience’s WOW! ? Yes, you need a good story.Yes, you need a good script.Yes, you need good actors. But there is more important thing. Even when you have a great story, great script, if the actor or the speaker do not understad the secret of moving audience’s emotion, there would…

  • IMPRO by Keith Johnstone

    IMPRO by Keith Johnstone

    Last week, I held, for the first time, the IMPRO workshop, using Keith Johnstone’s Great book “impro”. I met this book in 1989 in London while I was writing my MA thesis. I was so impressed by the content and always wanted to introduce them to Japanese people. Luckily my publisher liked this book so…

  • New International Friends

    New International Friends

    It has been an energetic September. I met many people online internationally.  It was almost impossible before, and I am very glad, even though the situation prevents me from actively working on stage as a theatrist. I met a group of international people who are interested in and in need of developing artistic impression levels…