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Meditation at Spa

Just uploaded a travel video.
For your meditation and serenity.

Since coming back from Lake Baikal on 23rd of February 2020, I have been locked myself up in my house and never used public trasportaion, for the fear of catching COVID-19.

On 7th October 2020, my father and friends of his decided to go on a spa trip to the deep mountainside. As I just finished my singing stage, I finally decided to join him, to keep him safe from many things.

I took public transportation after more than seven months and two weeks. Fresh.

The spa is called NakaFusa.

I put as much information as possible in the movie, which I took by GoPro-Hero6 and iPhoneXProMax.


I use these feelings and memories to my acting.
The sense of smell and touch of hot water. They are my own experiences and can be turned into emotions and feelings of a character I turn into.

Elica's Zen Acting

New International Friends

It has been an energetic September.

I met many people online internationally.  
It was almost impossible before, and I am very glad, even though the situation prevents me from actively working on stage as a theatrist.

I met a group of international people who are interested in and in need of developing artistic impression levels of Japanese performing artists.

I attended the International Theatre Institute Asia-Pasific Regional Meeting, and met lovely theatrists from many countries I have never been.

These new contacts, I feel, are the beginning of my new phase.

Today’s Zen

Keep working,
keep helping,
keep inspiring and
being inspired.

Elica's Zen Acting

British Style Acting

How are you these days?
We are still struggling hard to get on with COVID-19.

I hope you are well and energetically working for your own good.

Zen is useful to keep your mind calm.

With the calm zen mind, it is quite a useful period to resume your acting skill.

Today, I have a news on my book.

Front cover of British Style Acting
『英国の演技術』著 玉川大学出版部、第3版 中国語に翻訳され中国でも発売中

British Style Acting, written by myself in Japanese, and translated into Chinese, is a technical book for acting.

I have been a translator and student to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, UK, for more than twenty years. I put all the knowledge I learnt from them, from Physical necessity, Movement, Voice, Interaction, Stanislavski, to Shakespeare, into this book.

I put many illustrations as well so that the reader can work himself out alone with the book in his hand.
(– I mean ‘he, him, his’ including ‘she, her’.)

The book has been published by Tamagawa University Press in 2012, and now this September, the fourth edition has been published.

If you are interested in, please go check amazon or Tamagawa University Press for clicking the photo.

Elica's Zen Acting

New Book『Acting and Directing Shakespeare』Celebration

















Elica's Zen Acting

ELICA’s 2018

Hi!  Thank you for visiting the website of ELICA MIWA.

この画像には alt 属性が指定されておらず、ファイル名は CCI19122018_3.jpg です

The calligraphy you see above means Heaven (pronounced as ‘ten’), done by myself, on the new year’s eve of 2019.

Let’s see how ELICA lived her 2018 with you.

Live Interaction Coaches

Produced two coaches for Live Interaction Technique. These two people I helped will help thousands of people. Great!

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Cinderella, Cinderella

Directing and performing (the second sister) of Cinderella, Cinderella, by Steve and Kathy Hotchner, as a studying reading piece, translated into Japanese by yuma.
Families and kids really enjoyed the show. Great to contribute.


Directing and set design of a new musical Cinderella,
music composed by Shun Ito,. written by Rina Kubota, produced by Yamanashi Centre for Culture Colany Culture Hall.
2000 audience enjoyed and we made some nice impact for their future. Great!


The spring terms beginning for National University of the Arts and Music, Meiji University Business School, Otsuma Women’s University, and Ferris Women’s University, where I teach acting, opera and musical acting, live-interaction skills and English.
The students I teach, support, and help will do many many good things in their lives and for their friends. Influence circles get bigger and bigger. Great!

ITI, Japan

Reselected as a board member of International Theatre Institute (under UNESCO) Japanese Centre.
I humbly accepted, thinking if my trivial existence may help and make some impact on any individual’s life and mind, and world’s peace. God bless us all.


Translating, script writing, directing, designing, and performing of Othello, by W. Shakespeare, both as the title role and Iago alternatively with Luther Hiroshi Ichimura, as a Shakespeare promotional study and enjoy series called Playful Reading of Shakespeare, self produced.
Great to contribute to tell how wonderful Shakespeare is and to perform Shakespeare is. Lovely!

North Shore, Hawaii

Trip to Hawaii, where I have my corporate company.
Spent a whole week in Northshore. Wonderful people, wonderful life!


Research trip to Hiroshima, for I have appointed to perform the river Ota of Hiroshima (which was atomic bombed and boiled at the instant but revived after several years), in a play called Moi, Ota, le Riviere d’Hiroshima, written by Jean Paul Allegre.
It is a wonder to see how human beings can be so cruel and at the same time so strong to live against evil. Hail to our soul.

Waterfall Purification Ceremony

First experience of Waterfall Purification under my calligraphy and Shugendo master.
Shugendo is thought to be a sect of Buddhism, but in fact it may be one of the oldest religious mindful and physical trainings in Japan. Love the water. Wonderful!

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Shuk-Ya Water Fall in Saitama

Magic Flute

Directing,set and costume designing, and wow performing (the third knabe) of The Magic Flute, music composed by W.A. Mozart.
This is my first ever opera stage since I started to practice Italian classical singing nine years ago.
The production was supported by East Kofu High School, in Yamanashi Prefecture, for their high art festival.
The program was made of two sections. The first part I made as “How to Cook Delicious Opera”, an introduction for opera and let the opera singers sang their favorite songs, accompanying Luther Hiroshi Ichimura and my navigating opera making process.
2000 students, parents, and teachers attended. Their response afterwards are sosososososo great! I am very happy to made some contribution to both opera-world and to the life of each audience member. Exciting!

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Elica’s First Ever Opera Actor Performance

The Merchant of Venice

Translating, adaptation into musical script writing, directing, set and costume design, and performing (Portia), for a musical version of The Merchant of Venice, by W. Shakespeare.
The production was produced by Yamanashi Central Bank Kofu Division’s 40th anniversary event. The outcome from the audience was great and encouraging.
It was my pleasure to utter those wonderful words of Portia and convey the idea of beautiful equality of human beings. I am blessed if the production contributed to anybody enjoying the moment and gaining the positive happy power to go on.

Moi, Ota, le Riviere d’Hiroshima

Performing the river Ota of Hiroshima. The play is written by a great contemporary French writer M. Jean Paul Allegre. Translated into Japanese and directed by Mme. Masako Okada.
The production has been staged several times already in Japan. In fact, Masako Okada’s production was the world premiere in 2016. The actress who performed Ota since then retired by a private happy reason, and I was appointed by Masako Okada with a telephone call.
This was my first acting experience on a professional stage full production, directed by other than myself. It has been one of the most wonderful time in my life. Acting! Such a bliss!
I acted the river Ota. I acted the violently ri_pped-off souls of Hiroshima. I acted the power of life against all evil. The production moved so many audience. Then each one will pass the word of peace to his/her friends and family, and they will pass the word of peace, too. My pleasure will be there.

Shakespeare and Music

Had a wonderful talk show with one of the best composers in Japan Mr Shinichiro Ikebe. The show was held in Kanazawa prefecture, Japan, where great tradition still remains.
Shakespeare can be combined with anything. Mr Shinichiro Ikebe is a great lover of theatre, and he made thousands of music for plays in Japan. more than 10 years ago, he works with me and since then we are really good friends. His talk on Shakespeare is so much fun. I really enjoyed being with him. another contribution for the art for its sake and for the audience’s richer life.

International Interaction

Happy Time

My December has been a quiet lovely resting month. Clearing up and thanking to my audience and production staff members. O, I also decided to teach translation to raise professional theatre translators. Lovely students gathered and looking forward to staring in a few weeks.

One More Thing
My Book has been translated into Chinese.

New Year Resolution 2019

To contribute more for the peace and happiness of the world.

To lead both an exciting and peaceful life.

To enjoy. Laugh, Love, Live!

Wishing You
a Very Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for each one of you I met and talk both in real and internet life.

Elica's Zen Acting

Elica’s Theatre Pieces

The moment.

I am Ota, the river of Hiroshima

is a French play by Jean Paul Allegre.
about how USA decides to drop the  first atomic bomb to Hiroshima.
Elica plays Ota, the title role, which is the spirit of the river.
November, 2018.  Theatre Green, Tokyo.  Directed by Masako Okada

The Merchant of Venice

Elica plays Portia.
She also directed,  & produced.

Specially made for Isawa Chuginkai 40th Anniversary program.

October, 2018, Yamanashi.


to be continued…