Want some information?

Don’t you find it hard to find information in English, on what to watch in theatre, except traditional performing arts such as Kabuki and Noh?

I do.

And I have been wondering if I could be of a little help in that area through my English blog.

Well, there are many things going on, in variety of styles and forms, in Japan.

Some may love ANIME, some traditional Japanese, some 2.5 dimension, musicals, operas, ballets. and straight plays.

I cannot cover all nor you’d not want to read in one page.

So, I will pick up something different, something you could only experience in Tokyo.

My country gradually opens and starts welcoming people from outside Japan.

Come enjoy my beautiful land and heart-warming culture.

Don’t miss my next blog/email!

I will also keep giving ideas on Zen Acting, the mind of Zen to be used in acting. Zen is the way of life; just like Yoga as the way of life; and indeed they are quite close to each other.

Laugh, Love, Live!