Elica’s Rehearsal in Progress

Do you know Jean Giraudoux, a French playwright of early 20th Century?
I will be in one of his plays called La Guerre de Troie N’aura Pas Lieu: The Trojan War will Never Take Place. The play is known and made into many stage productions in English as Tiger At The Gates, translated by Stephen Fry.

It is about the very day when the war is outbroken.

As Troy has just won a big war in Asian continent, Hector the General really wanted to rest, and came back only to find that his younger brother Paris has abducted the most beautiful Helen of Sparta into Troy, and the whole Greek army is on the way to win her back.

I am going to play Hecube (Hecabe in English), a 50 years old queen and mother of 19 children from Priam the King.

Giraudoux wrote female gathering scenes in which Hecabe was as a warm yet hilarious vigorous one, I think. She does her best to avoid another war, by wit and humour, while all “male characters who have never been at war because of their physical frailty” are eager to go into another war only because they don’t want Helen to leave.

The director and producer of the production has his theatre company, and is quite experimental and wants this one as a physical and musical performance with mixed genres. Thus among the cast, there are a Kyogen (traditional Japanese) performer, a mask performer from Jacques Lecoq, a film director, a ballet dancer, etc. There are also several young novice or student actors in the theatre company members.

The rehearsal is more like nonstop exercise-workshop, and quite in confusion. But we believe this will make some special one, for the positive energy we put in is enormous!

I will put more photos from the rehearsal. Wait for it!