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  • Lady Gregory of Galway, Ireland

    Lady Gregory.Have you ever heard of?If you are an Irish Theatrist, or a Korean theatrist, you may know about her. She is a playwright, producer, and a patron, at the dawn of Irish theatre.She supported various Irish playwrights to make them go famous.She built the first National Theatre in Dublin, for Irish people, when Ireland was still under British Empire’s control.She herself wrote many plays to attract the Irish common audience, when theatre was an aristocratic pleasure. She has been rather long forgotten or hidden behind big Irish names such as WB Yeats, but nowadays, possibly because of BREXIT and recent gender-equal movements, more light is put on her. I […]

  • Elica’s Rehearsal in Progress

    Elica’s Rehearsal in Progress

    Do you know Jean Giraudoux, a French playwright of early 20th Century?I will be in one of his plays called La Guerre de Troie N’aura Pas Lieu: The Trojan War will Never Take Place. The play is known and made into many stage productions in English as Tiger At The Gates, translated by Stephen Fry. It is about the very day when the war is outbroken. As Troy has just won a big war in Asian continent, Hector the General really wanted to rest, and came back only to find that his younger brother Paris has abducted the most beautiful Helen of Sparta into Troy, and the whole Greek army […]

  • I Left No Ring With Her:  Viola’s Ring Speech

    I Left No Ring With Her: Viola’s Ring Speech

    HAPPY VALENTINE! I have four news today for you. 1. 7th Februrary was Elica’s birthday! Thank you all for the lovely birthday messages for me through SNS. I love you all and you are my treasure!These days I ponder the reason why I live as I am. What can I do as a theatre director-actor? Why the God(s) gave me this occupation to achieve what?I always think about those questions. 2. Online Workshop for international Japanese actors. I am going to hold onilne workshop for Japanese actors who wish to work with English language. If you are interested in learning Japanese, maybe it is a nice workshop to join. I […]

  • Works 2021

    Works 2021

    Under COVID-19 restriction, my year 2021 was not so bad, thanks to your support, love and understanding.I did many performances both online and on the spot, both live and  recorded.I did many teachings for universities as usual (though many of them online, still better than in 2020).I led many workshops and lessons for actors, singers, ballet dancers, and Japanese language learners.My books (translation of IMPRO by Keith Johnstone, and my own writing Acting And Directing Of Shakespeare, and British Style Acting) are selling well.My singing is getting better and now I am enjoying singing rather than feeling tortured.I also have re-started horse back riding and song making.Here I put my […]

  • TEMPEST the Movie

    TEMPEST the Movie

    Hello, friends, globalians, and countrypeople, lend me your ears. Here is something I can offer you the English speakers at last! Are you a some kind of a Shakespeare fan?But sometimes you feel there’s much more to know if you want to fully enjoy the plays? Then, this is what you really enjoy. The Tempest the movie. Done by only 7 actors and 3 dancers. You enjoy wonderful actors’ performance, great movie effects, and know tips that give you more knowledge to help you understand the play, and thus, more enjoyment! Everything was done by zoom, and yet the acting is really great, incredibly interacted. You will be surprised. In […]

  • Yes, There is the Vision of the Future of Theatre

    From 16th to 19th September 2021, a theatre festival was held in Tokyo. The Japanese Centre for International Theatre Institute (ITIJ) participated in to present “Plays 4 COVID”. ITIJ searched new plays written under the curse of COVID-19, and picked up short plays from USA, China, Germany, and Ireland. I, as the board member of ITIJ, was appointed to direct and perform the German play, written by Dea Loher. Dea Loher The piece I put it as a play was originally a speech Ms Loher wrote for the opening ceremony of a theatre festival held in Berlin in October, 2020. Yes, it was when the European world just came out […]

  • TEMPEST the Movie is Coming!

    TEMPEST the Movie is Coming!

    Hi!I have been working on my new production of The Tempest.Yes, Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It was supposed to be stage last June (2020).But, as the world is facing the pandemic, my stage-production was postponed to last March (2021).Then, as Tokyo situation became unstable and seemingly becoming worse, I decided to film the production, instead of putting onto stage against all odds. And now, ladies and gentlemen and folks, hereby I announce the opening of The Tempest MOVIE! The film, in Japanese, has been already selling worldwidely.And I am going to put English subtitle to it! I will also provide English Website page, English web-visual, and a shopping cart in English.Wait […]

  • Theatre in Conflict Zones, ITI 2021

    Theatre in Conflict Zones, ITI 2021

    I have just been a speaker at one of the series of a seminar called Theatre in Conflict Zones, organized by International Theatre Institute (ITI, UNESCO). We, living in Japan or  other comparatively peaceful nations, tend to forget there are many many countries and regions which are struggling in conflicts. And what is happening there in arts?Are theatre alive?If so, what theatre has to do with the society and people’s life while they are struggling to eat and keep their lives on a thin thread? Theatre in Conflict Zones is the project  to dig into the reality of theatre there.It has been a great experience and had a lot of […]

  • British Style Acting

    British Style Acting

    How are you these days?We are still struggling hard to get on with COVID-19. I hope you are well and energetically working for your own good. Zen is useful to keep your mind calm. With the calm zen mind, it is quite a useful period to resume your acting skill. Today, I have a news on my book. British Style Acting, written by myself in Japanese, and translated into Chinese, is a technical book for acting. I have been a translator and student to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, UK, for more than twenty years. I put all the knowledge I learnt from them, from Physical necessity, Movement, Voice, […]

  • Everyman


    Everyman (in Japanese, MinNa) is an allegorical morality play written by anonymous writer of the 10th Century. I read it when I was an international student at University of Victoria, Canada, in 1986, and very much impressed. At that time, I had no idea whatsoever that I was to be a theatre director. But in 2002, after I made myself in that occupation, I had a chance to put a show in a young and small theatre company. I chose this one without hesitation. One of the significant points of this production was that we put it on a traditional Noh Theatre stage. It was so so so difficult to […]