Elica’s Theatre for Japanese Language Learning

Hello, it’s Elica Miwa.
I am a theatre person.

Director, actor, writer.

I also teach how to accelerate learning, using actor training techniques.

And I have been thinking what I can do for you.

I am a Japanese.

For that, I thought you might be interested in this rare language and strange yet beautiful culture.

So, from now on — and I don’t simply know how long it will last, but — I will share you how to use theatrical skills for learning or teaching Japanese language.

Through my website in English, I hope many people around the world may discover how beautiful our language and culture are.

I hope many people around the world would visit my country, my land, my nation, so that Japanese people would also meet you.

When Japanese people meet you guys, there will be more beautiful things happening.

I am making theatre to make the world better place.

I am using my theatrical skills to make the world more friendly, greater place to live in.

Through my blogs and emails, sharing how to use theatrical skills in teaching and learning Japanese must be one of the great ways to make things happen.

I don’t know how many people will notice this short message in the huge and deep and wide ocean of internet.

But this is a drop which may lead to change the world.

[A-ka-ru-ku ]
— Be bright.








普段伸ばさないところを伸ばしてみよう#Body #Beauty #Mind #Health

1st day of March

Welcome, Miss March!
Well, may be it’s Mr March.

March comes marching.

It’s a lovely to imagine the all Marches are marching along on the globe.

In Japanese, March is “Yayoi [ya yo I]”.  

“Ya” means things are about to happening.It’s wonderful, exciting, looking forward kind of feeling.

“Yoi” means life.  
The life of nature.

“Yayoi” means that grasses and leaves are about to growing up.

Doesn’t it sound like “Spring is springing up”?

March is marching to us,
And our hearts also spring.