Appreciation and Protein

Protein is really good for muscle training.

These days I am driving myself into muscle training by using #NintendoSwitch

My favorite training pattern is to start with #FinCHomeFit which is kick-boxing-ish cardio training, for about 20 minutes. Then everybody’s favorite #RingFitAdventure which is muscle training for about 1 hour.

I do this pattern 4 times a week after supper.

Last night I felt myself really exhausted.


I haven’t taken enough protein!

Then I took protein powder with water and honey.
That tasted sooooooo good!
I hated it (the same drink) when I took without doing any exercises.
But look!
After this hard training, the drink tasted good.

Isn’t it interesting?
If there are any negative comments on protein drinks in amazon, maybe the reviewer didn’t exercise enough before taking it.

This can be applied to anything.
If you don’t feel right or good on anything, maybe you are not ready to appreciate it.

[Live Interaction]
Appreciation comes when you are ready to accept.

By the way, my TEMPEST the movie is on in Japanese, and I am now putting English subtitles to it. Wait for another week or so and I will show you the bit.