New Moon

Do you know what day it is?
It is a new moon!

The new moon night is the right word, and I should have asked “do you know what night it is?”

Bur, never mind!
It is a new moon night, folks!

As in Europe, or in many mythologies, the new moon has been strongly connected to super-power.

The magic flute was made in the new moon night, and the magic bullets were made in the new moon night, and Oberon and Titania dance for marriages on the new moon night.

In Japan, we love the moon!

There are thousand different names for the moon.
The moon of midnight, the moon of early evening, the moon coming out after sunset, and so on. (Some may find it interesting to know the names and the reasons of the moon names in Japanese.)

We talk to the moon.
The moon has long been great friends to us.

And the moon give us back what we share.
So, make some wishes to the new moon.
Something you want to achieve by the next new moon which is 28 days later.

My new moon wishes are:

I want to finish putting English subtitles onto my Tempest the Movie, so that English users can enjoy the most wonderful little movie I have just made.
I want to wake up at sun-rise every morning and make it my habit.
I want to start my day with morning IKI yoga.A
nd so on.

What are yours?

【Live Interaction】
Feel the moon power tonight.