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  • Appreciation and Protein

    Appreciation and Protein

    Protein is really good for muscle training. These days I am driving myself into muscle training by using #NintendoSwitch My favorite training pattern is to start with #FinCHomeFit which is kick-boxing-ish cardio training, for about 20 minutes. Then everybody’s favorite #RingFitAdventure which is muscle training for about 1 hour. I do this pattern 4 times a week after supper. Last night I felt myself really exhausted. Why? I haven’t taken enough protein! Then I took protein powder with water and honey.That tasted sooooooo good!I hated it (the same drink) when I took without doing any exercises.But look! After this hard training, the drink tasted good. Isn’t it interesting?If there are […]

  • New Moon

    New Moon

    Do you know what day it is?It is a new moon! The new moon night is the right word, and I should have asked “do you know what night it is?” Bur, never mind!It is a new moon night, folks! As in Europe, or in many mythologies, the new moon has been strongly connected to super-power. The magic flute was made in the new moon night, and the magic bullets were made in the new moon night, and Oberon and Titania dance for marriages on the new moon night. In Japan, we love the moon! There are thousand different names for the moon. The moon of midnight, the moon of […]