Theatre in Conflict Zones, ITI 2021

I have just been a speaker at one of the series of a seminar called Theatre in Conflict Zones, organized by International Theatre Institute (ITI, UNESCO).

We, living in Japan or  other comparatively peaceful nations, tend to forget there are many many countries and regions which are struggling in conflicts.

And what is happening there in arts?
Are theatre alive?
If so, what theatre has to do with the society and people’s life while they are struggling to eat and keep their lives on a thin thread?

Theatre in Conflict Zones is the project  to dig into the reality of theatre there.
It has been a great experience and had a lot of fun also, knowing the people in the world. 
You can watch the recorded Youtube Live-streaming .

↑ I will appear around 50 min. But the talk from UGANDA is also very interesting and important. Must watch!

ZEN-Acting Today

Just take your time to think about people in conflict zones.