Meditation at Spa

Just uploaded a travel video.
For your meditation and serenity.

Since coming back from Lake Baikal on 23rd of February 2020, I have been locked myself up in my house and never used public trasportaion, for the fear of catching COVID-19.

On 7th October 2020, my father and friends of his decided to go on a spa trip to the deep mountainside. As I just finished my singing stage, I finally decided to join him, to keep him safe from many things.

I took public transportation after more than seven months and two weeks. Fresh.

The spa is called NakaFusa.

I put as much information as possible in the movie, which I took by GoPro-Hero6 and iPhoneXProMax.


I use these feelings and memories to my acting.
The sense of smell and touch of hot water. They are my own experiences and can be turned into emotions and feelings of a character I turn into.