Thy overflow of good converts to bad [ SHakespeare For You]

🎭 Thy overflow of good converts to bad, And they abundant goodness shall excuse This deadly blot in thy digressing son.

— Henry Bolingbroke, Richard II 5-3

Henry Bolingbroke has just taken the crown from Richard II, and here, found out a death plot from his friend, Duke of Aumerle.

Henry Bolingbroke is worrying about his son (future HenryV), fears of treason at all times, and he must take care of his people as a king.  Thus this leads to his famous speech on sleep, in Henry IV Part 2.

Aumerle has come to see the new King Henry IV, cleared the room, and locked up, for either apologising to have the treason plan,  or to kill the new traitor king.  What do you think? 


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