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  • Lady Gregory of Galway, Ireland

    Lady Gregory.Have you ever heard of?If you are an Irish Theatrist, or a Korean theatrist, you may know about her. She is a playwright, producer, and a patron, at the dawn of Irish theatre.She supported various Irish playwrights to make them go famous.She built the first National Theatre in Dublin, for Irish people, when Ireland was still under British Empire’s control.She herself wrote many plays to attract the Irish common audience, when theatre was an aristocratic pleasure. She has been rather long forgotten or hidden behind big Irish names such as WB Yeats, but nowadays, possibly because of BREXIT and recent gender-equal movements, more light is put on her. I […]

  • IKI, Inc.

    IKI, Inc.

    Hi!  I have an announcement that I have open my performing arts company IKI, Inc, in USA. I am sending this great news from Hawaii, the big island. A few months ago, which is March 2017, I set up a company IKI, Inc., and I am now president and CEO. IKI, Inc. It is pronounced as  [i-ki] In Japanese, the word Iki has many beautiful meanings, such as to live, breathing, smart, fashionable, lively. The company’s Credo is Make the world more beautiful and peaceful with smooth and happier communication. And we are going to deal with 1 International artists promotion 2 Educating Japanese performers 3 Helping people’s interaction skills. […]