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  • Tanzawa Lake and Japanese Farm House Life

    Tanzawa Lake and Japanese Farm House Life

    One cloudy day, I went to TanZawa Lake. It provides water for Kanagawa prefecture. You can only approach by car, which means theare are not so many people there. That means the air is crisp and clean. The atmosphere is quite different from Okutama Lake of Tokyo, though Okutama is also beautiful and clean. How shall I put the difference? This Tanzawa Lake is quieter, bearing old Japan of 100 years ago. There are an old style Japanese farm life style museum. You can see a people’s house, not aristocratic, just an ordinary farm house. As I put some notes in the photographs below, I realized the similarities in the […]

  • TEMPEST the Movie

    TEMPEST the Movie

    Hello, friends, globalians, and countrypeople, lend me your ears. Here is something I can offer you the English speakers at last! Are you a some kind of a Shakespeare fan?But sometimes you feel there’s much more to know if you want to fully enjoy the plays? Then, this is what you really enjoy. The Tempest the movie. Done by only 7 actors and 3 dancers. You enjoy wonderful actors’ performance, great movie effects, and know tips that give you more knowledge to help you understand the play, and thus, more enjoyment! Everything was done by zoom, and yet the acting is really great, incredibly interacted. You will be surprised. In […]