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Shallow Story of Deep Love [Shakespeare For You]

🎭 That’s on some shallow story of deep love.  How young Leander cross’d the Hellespont.

— Valentine, Two Gentlemen of Verona 1-1


One of the “hard-to-understand” phrases for the modern audience.  Leander is a Greek mythological character who is in Hero and Leander story.  It is a love tragedy so popular during Shakespearean era.  Hero and Leander were in love secretly.  Leander swam the Hellespont (now the Dardanelles) to see her every night.  But one night, he lost the way and drowned.  Shakespeare refers the theme of Hero & Leander many times. 

From this line, two gentlemen of Verona interchange conversation for a minute, on shallow, deep, love, and boots, aa a word-association game.  So, be playful.  Pick up the word you want to change the meaning upside down.  Win the game.