Red & Golden Autumn

Why Do I Write Travel Blog?

Acting is about looking inside yourself. We actors (and directors and writers) need to experience as much as possible, as long as it is safe and nobody gets hurt.

This is why I put travel diary in my Zen Acting blog.

Though you may see me just having fun, I learn and take in so many things which might help in my acting, directing, and creative writing.
When you visit (or virtual visit through videos), allow yourself to take in the surprises like a child.

Another beautiful Japanese autumn.

Kawaguchi Lake, by Mt. Fuji.

There is an antique music automata collection museum by Kawaguchi Lake.

It is modelled in Western European style houses and gardens, for we Japanese admire and yearn to live like white European since when we opened our country to Western civilization in the late 19th century.

Well, I need to write a full thick book to talk about how we Japanese became to have complexed mind and longing for Western culture. So I should stop here.

Enjoy the beatiful red Momiji maple leaves and me!