Tanzawa Lake and Japanese Farm House Life

One cloudy day, I went to TanZawa Lake. It provides water for Kanagawa prefecture.

You can only approach by car, which means theare are not so many people there. That means the air is crisp and clean. The atmosphere is quite different from Okutama Lake of Tokyo, though Okutama is also beautiful and clean. How shall I put the difference? This Tanzawa Lake is quieter, bearing old Japan of 100 years ago.

There are an old style Japanese farm life style museum. You can see a people’s house, not aristocratic, just an ordinary farm house.

As I put some notes in the photographs below, I realized the similarities in the architecture of Japanese farm house and Shakespearean farm houses (even theatre!). Thatched roof and white mud. Isn’t it interesting to think of human thinking process?

Some lake photographs and me, too.

Where to Eat

There are two restaurants in front of the farm house museum.
I recommend the smaller one which focuses on Soba menu.
(The bigger one has deer meat and other lovely menue as well!)

Look at this big size Tempura plate!
When you order Tempura Soba, you have Soba and Tempura in separate plate, for the amount of Tempura is so big!
(I order hot soba. You can choose cold soba, too.)

Tempura is with big Prawn and forest vegetables and mushroom. Great and very satisfying!