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  • Now We Are Alone [Shakespeare For You]

    Now We Are Alone [Shakespeare For You]

    In Shakespeare’s plays, both Julia from “Two Gentlemen of Verona” and Portia from “The Merchant of Venice” consult their maids for marriage advice and both disguise themselves as boys. An acting challenge is to distinguish the portrayal of these two characters, despite their similar conditions and choices. The line “now we are alone” recalls Hamlet’s…

  • My Horns Are His Horns [Shakespeare For You]

    My Horns Are His Horns [Shakespeare For You]

    In a Shakespearean reference from “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” Speed’s dialogue reflects Commedia Dell’arte influence, suggesting humor in the servant-master dynamic and hinting at infidelity with the ‘horn’ metaphor. This acting tip video mixes literary analysis with a call for audience engagement and collaboration offers.

  • Plum Blossoms in Odawara

    Plum Blossoms in Odawara

    Before I deliver this blog, I must share my deep sorrow and prayer for UKRAINE who suffer without a reason. I cannot pretend as if  nothing is happening and write my usual blog. But at the same time, one may need to stay calm and bless the world. Though the wind and politics are savage,…

  • The Oldest Shrines in Japan:  Miwa Jinja

    The Oldest Shrines in Japan: Miwa Jinja

    Do you know the oldest shrine in Japan?It is Miwa Jinja in Nara. (“Jinja” means “shrine”.)As you might have guessed, my name is given from this shrine.Last summer in Japan, the pandemic eased down for a few months, and I took the opportunity to visit there.Enjoy watching!

  • Tanzawa Lake and Japanese Farm House Life

    Tanzawa Lake and Japanese Farm House Life

    One cloudy day, I went to TanZawa Lake. It provides water for Kanagawa prefecture. You can only approach by car, which means theare are not so many people there. That means the air is crisp and clean. The atmosphere is quite different from Okutama Lake of Tokyo, though Okutama is also beautiful and clean. How…

  • Red & Golden Autumn

    Red & Golden Autumn

    Why Do I Write Travel Blog? Acting is about looking inside yourself. We actors (and directors and writers) need to experience as much as possible, as long as it is safe and nobody gets hurt. This is why I put travel diary in my Zen Acting blog. Though you may see me just having fun,…

  • Kawamata River High Bridge

    Kawamata River High Bridge

    Another beautiful Japanese autumn view spot.When you go visit the beautiful DoRyu Waterfall, don’t forget to put your step onto a long and high bridge of Kawamata River. The deep valley overlooking the river Kawamata at the bottom, you are surrounded by the beautiful multi colored hills.The bridge is settled at the very high point and…

  • Golden Waterfall: DoRyu

    Golden Waterfall: DoRyu

    I visited one of rare waterfalls in Japan.It is called DoRyu Waterfall, meaning Throwing-up Dragon…yes, wow, isn’t it? DoRyu 吐竜 DoRyu in Japanese kanji character is 吐竜。 吐 is pronounced as Do [do].It means both breathing out and throwing up.The fundamental meaning must be strong gush of something coming out from a mouth. You see…

  • Lake OkuTama, Tokyo

    In Tokyo, somehow, miravulously, the numbers of patients of COVID-19 are dramatically fallen. However, we are still living in the world where travelling abroad is strictly forbidden. So, I thought it might be a little fun for you to see some beautiful nature of Tokyo now. I have made a short video, showing you around…