Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away…

No, no.

Yesterday, I was studying about Bella Reine System (an acting method by a French actress Bella Reine) and Hiroshima Atomic Bomb.

I will be performing Ota, the river of Hiroshima which is said to be boiled up under the atomic heat of 4000 ℃.

The play is written by a French playwright Jean Paul Allegre, and will be directed by Mme. Okada, the authority of Bella Reine System.

She found me in her workshop one year ago and called me to perform the title role, which I accepted immediately, for I was longing to be directed by her.
When I got her call, I said

“How now, what’s news?”

Portia, Juliet, Lady M and other characters in Shakespeare often use this phrase.
++ Live Interaction of the Day ++

Use some old way of saying from Shakespeare.

I must tell you actors that this is very important, for you need to be so smooth in using old style English.  Use them daily, for fun.  And the words will become you.


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