Life is But a Chain of Choices

I am now learning German.

I love English. studied a little bit of French, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.
But, O, German!

Though I have several very good friends in German world, I never even tried to learn German because of its pronunciation.

This autumn, I have to sing a song in German.
A dictionary in hand, I am writing down every word with pronunciation and meaning in German, which I find quite fun!

Life is a flow.
And you are given choices.

Portia of The Merchan of Venice cannnot even choose a husband.

“O me, the word choose!”

She abhors the word.

By the way, how much freedom do you have in choosing?

【Live Interaction of the Day】

Put your intention in choosing.


Elica Miwa as Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing 2017


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