What You Need to Do on the First New Moon Night

Hello, this is Elica Miwa, thinking abut the future on the first new moon night of the year.
Have you made a wish list for 2018, or even the next three to ten years?
Why do you make wishes?
Yes, there are purpose of life and objective of life.
Many people mix up the purpose of life and the objectives.

<The Purpose>

The purpose of life may be called as the superobjective.
If you don’t know the purpose of your life, or the super objective of your life, and working very hard for the objectives, dreams, wishes, and so on, you will immediately lose the intention why you are doing it.
You are working very hard to earn money.  But for what?
Get a new fast car?  OK, that’s OK!
But, why new fast car?
What is the purpose of getting a new fast car?
To get more attention from the people in the street?
Is that your purpose of life?
You want to achieve something.  But for what?
Without having the purpose, your life may be just so tiring.
Maybe you want a new fast car to celebrate the technology of the car industry.
May be you want a new fast car to feel that you are worthy of who you are.
To feel the worthiness of who you are is a very good purpose of your life.
Everyone needs and has the right to be proud of who you are, and if the new fast car is the icon, then it is more than fine.
Just think about it.
Why am I doing this, the whole life, the work, the family, the relationship, the art…?
Once you find the purpose of life, then the whole life would change.

<The Objective>

 Your life is full of objectives and small goals you need to achieve.
An athlete wants to participate in the Olympic games.
Is it an objective or the purpose of life?
Yes, it is an objective.
And it is a big goal, too.
But it is not the purpose of life.
Maybe the athlete’s purpose of life is to give courage to kids.
S/He gives courage to kids, by showing her/his hard road to the Olympic game.
If s/he does not have the purpose of life, other than participating in an Olympic game and fails, what would become of her/him afterward?
S/He would be shuttered!
But when s/he knows the purpose of life, maybe s/he would find some other way to achieve the purpose.
Usually, when you face to what to be done,  you may not think about why you are doing it.

<The Purpose will Build Your Future>

Do you know it is the first new moon night 2018?
It is the best night to make wishes.
Just write down the things you wish to try.
Travelling, camping, buying new clothes, … whatever.
You can just write down anything.
Want a castle?
Write it down.
Nobody is going to stop you just writing down your wishes.
Then, think about the purpose of your life.
When the dreams and wishes are connected to your purpose of your life, it will be realized easier.
Imagine your  future.




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