Kameido Shrine with Wisteria, and “Too Low A Mistress” [Shakespeare For You]

🎭 Sylvia:  Too low a mistress for so high a servant.
Proteus:  Not so, sweet lady, but too mean a servant
     To have a look of such a worthy mistress.

— Sylvia & Proteus, Two Gentlemen of Verona 2-4


This is the first ever conversation between Sylvia and Proteus.  Sylvia, right after hearing what a splendid gentleman he is, from Valentine.  So she is very interested in him.  Her father says he is worth her husband, and she looks at him as a potential future husband.  

On the other hand, Proteus has made a vow to his lady Julia in Verona.  He can be struck with Sylvia’s sophisticated manners and beauty, but he then more strongly tell himself that he would not be moved.  That makes the play more interesting.

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