Ay, and we are betrothed [Shakespeare For You]

🎭Ay, and we are betrothed; nay more, our marriage hour,
With all the cunning manner of our flight,
Determined of:  how I must climb her window,
The ladder made of cords, and all the means
Plotted and ‘greed on for my happiness.

— Valentine, Two Gentlemen of Verona 2-4


Proteus has asked Valentine whether Sylvia loves him.  He is so excited!  Share the top secret to your best friend, trusting he is for you.  Proteus, never show your jealousy when listening this.

Flight from the window, climbing up her window with the ladder, because her parents do not approve their love.  Yes, very Romeo and Juliet.
Also, telling the secret of love-flight reminds me of Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.