British Style Acting

How are you these days?
We are still struggling hard to get on with COVID-19.

I hope you are well and energetically working for your own good.

Zen is useful to keep your mind calm.

With the calm zen mind, it is quite a useful period to resume your acting skill.

Today, I have a news on my book.

Front cover of British Style Acting
『英国の演技術』著 玉川大学出版部、第3版 中国語に翻訳され中国でも発売中

British Style Acting, written by myself in Japanese, and translated into Chinese, is a technical book for acting.

I have been a translator and student to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, UK, for more than twenty years. I put all the knowledge I learnt from them, from Physical necessity, Movement, Voice, Interaction, Stanislavski, to Shakespeare, into this book.

I put many illustrations as well so that the reader can work himself out alone with the book in his hand.
(– I mean ‘he, him, his’ including ‘she, her’.)

The book has been published by Tamagawa University Press in 2012, and now this September, the fourth edition has been published.

If you are interested in, please go check amazon or Tamagawa University Press for clicking the photo.