From Winter to Spring

Snowing in Tokyo, on Vernal Equinox Day.
To become new, shake off your old clothes.
If and when Winter comes back to scare Spring, would Spring say, “Sorry, I will never think to become spring ever.”?
I’ve got so many application emails for my asking to act a Shakespeare in June.  The team has been made, after considerations.
The team members are chose by their wills rather than by their skills.
I thank all of you who asked me about the project.
Sometimes surrounding people and your common sense pull you back when you want to go forward.  The above team members have enough courage to get over those obstacles.  I admire them for that.
When you want to be new, there always comes strong power to pull you back.
Sometimes those pulling-back energy are from your close friends and family members.
There is your break-point, where the counter-energy is strong.
What would you do, then?
・Obey the corner-energy (You are the loser.)
・Go for your own way (Battle away after quarrels.)
・・・Is that right?
Of course not.
To obey the counter-energy does not necessarily mean that you are the loser.
Taking the counter-opinion then, but at smoother place and time, you can try again.
You may have heard “Failure become trials when succeeded” or “failure is when you stop trying”.
That’s really true.  When I was trying to study abroad, friends said “you can’t do that.  It’s only a dream!”,  “To become what?  Impossible.”, and after I became a theatre director, actors and staffs say “It’s difficult (meaning they will not try)”.
I am quite a wimp, and discouraged easily at that moment.
I don’t like argument and just said “o, alright” and take aback.
But in the bottom of my heart, my wish to do that and my needs become stronger and forged, researching why they think it’s impossible, thinking how then to make it happen, and then voila!  I’ve done it.
When there is a person who pulls you back without faulty and ill intentions, you may thank him/her and don’t have to have a grudge.
For, that person is thinking about you, telling you for you, even when you absolutely don’t need it.
That, unfortunately is one of our human nature.
If you don’t admit this, you may be in danger to blame and curse all the people who stop and pull you back, out of love.
Any counter-idea has a reason.
Take it.
But after that, it’s absolutely OK to leave from them.
Free from then, free from grudge, free from blaming, forget about them, literally clear your mind, and do what you believe you’ve got to.
At the same time, don’t mind when some people leave you.
Important thing is “without ill intention” and “forget about them”.
If you keep thinking  about them and blaming them that you couldn’t do this and that because of them, that means you put yourself under the curse and spell of “that bad guy/woman”.
Is it fun life to live?
The Vernal Equinox Day.
Don’t be afraid of Winter trying lastly to pull you back, accept the natural law, and face up for Spring.
【Today’s Live Interaction】
Face up!