Beautiful Hilo, Hawaii. ハワイ島の自然の中で

Hilo, Hawaii, is the newest town in the whole globe, for it is on the newest land in the whole earth.


Before I say anything, I will show some photos.


One can swim with huge sea-turtles. 巨大な海亀の主と一緒に泳げます

One can swim with many huge sea turtles, which experience you can rare have in any other place in the world.


Yellow is the flower of the Big Island. ハワイ州の中でも、ハワイ島の島の花は黄色

Coordinate the swimwear to the nature. 水着も景色とコーディネートしてみました。

Peridot particles fill the lava rock, which will make the beach into green sand in the future.


Japan Buddhist cathedral. Looks Christian Orthodox. ヒロにあるこの建物は、本願寺でした。どれだけフュージョンなんだ!

Hilo downtown is very colourful. Many places look like 1950s movie settings. ヒロのダウンタウンはまるで1950年代のアメリカ映画の中のようです。

Green papaya salad in the farmers’ market, and Ahi Poke of Suisan fish cafe. 朝市の青パパイヤのサラダと、日系移民の魚市場スイサンのマグロ漬け丼、美味美味。

Where I am staying is Minshuku Hilo, where a very great friend works. Many guests also came and go. It is a world meeting place, and best way to make friends during traveling.