AshiNo-Ko, Lake at Hakone

You may have heard of Mt. Fuji.
There is another great sightseeing spot near Mt Fuji called Hakone.

The Name

Hakone is the name of an active volcano and there is a huge crater lake called AshiNo.
We Japanese call it as AshiNo-Ko.
“Ashi” is “reed”.”No” is “of”.”Ko” is “lake”.
Yes, the lake of reed, Reed Lake.

How to Get There

If you use a public transportation, take a train from Shinjuku to get to Hakone-Yumoto, then take a bus to the lake.

What to Do

There are some old shrines, ancient foot travel road through the deep forest, variety of eating places from traditional Japanese to Italian cafe.
You can enjoy lake cruise in a Pirate-Ship.
From here you can visit the huge and deep crater called OhWakuDani (Great Bubbling Valley) in a rope-way.

Right, this is a place of fun and awe, in the chest of nature energy.

I took a beautiful video of the lake with my GoPro 9.
Enjoy the scenery.

Zen Acting Tip

Listen to the sound of the water.
Keep in touch with the wave.