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A True Devoted Pilgrim [Shakespeare For You]

🎭A true-devoted pilgrim is not weary
To measure kingdoms with his feeble steps; 
Much less shall she that hath Love’s wings to fly, 

— Julia, Two Gentlemen of Verona 2-7


Julia has told her maid Lucetta that she is going to visit her love Proteus in Milan.  Lucetta told her the road is long and winding.  And Julia says…

I would play this as a teacher.  Teach Lucetta what a true pilgrim is like, and with that example, her travel should be much easier.

I will not forget she compares herself as a pilgrim, which means she deificate Proteus.  

Here again, we see Shakespeare’s favorite reference of Love and wings.  Also, we notice the example of “pilgrim”, like in Romeo and Juliet.