2022 December 21-24, The Workhouse Ward + Rising Of The Moon: Direct, Design
2021 September 16-19, Ja, es gibt eine Vision für die Theater der Zukunft: Direct, Act, Design
2019, December 1 Singer, Song Concert
2019, May 31 Teacher, Chorus Acting
2018, October, TheMerchantOfVenice, Translator, Director, Actor(Portia)
2018, February,
Applied Drama,
Director, Navigator
2017, June
MuchAdoAboutNothing, Director, Actor(Beatrice)
2016, January 13
Acting Workshop, Translator
2015, June,
Director, Actor(Rosalind)
2014, November,
Opera Cosi Fan Tutte,
2014, March
Opera, Cosi Fan Tutte
2013, August 23
Writer, Director
2012, September
A Doll’s House
2012, February,
Ballet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Writer, Director
2011, March
Japanese Play Recital,
Actor (The Lady)
2010, July,
Ballet, Snow White
Book, Director
2010, January
The Twelfth Night,
Translator, Director, Actor(Viola)
2009, June,
A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
Translator, Director, Actor(Puck, Helena)
2008, March,
The Twelfth Night,
Translator, Director
2007, May,
Opera, Il Puritani,
2006, October,
A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
2006, May,
Opera, Snow White
interior design of a church
2006, January,
Opera, Lucia di Lammermoor,
2005, October,
Play, I Hate Hamlet,
Director, Costume Designer
woman wearing white ballet shoes
2005, February,
Ballet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
Book, Director
walt disney castle
2004, February,
Opera, La Cenerentolla,
2003, December,
Play, A Devoted Friend,
Book, Director, Actor(Hans)
2003, February,
Play, Epicene,
2002, October
Play, Everyman,
Translator, Director, Actor(Chorus)
2022 AUgust 26-30, La guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu: Act as Hecube
2020 December, ITI (UNESCO) World Congress: Speaker from Japanese ITI Centre
2019, Aug 10-11 Actor, Reading Show
2018, November 11 Speaker, Shakespeare
2018, September, Opera, Magic Flute
Director, Navigator, Singer(Third Knabe)
2017, November 12,
Applied Drama,
Director, Actor(First Sister)
2016, June,
Hamlet, Director, Actor(Title Role)
2015, November,1
Lecture, Speaker
2014, December, 19~21.
Shakespeare, Writer, Director, Actor
2014, July,
Ballet, Snow White,
Rewriter, Director
2013, November
Shakespeare, Writer, Director, Actor
2013, June
The Merchant of Venice,
Translator, Director, Actor (Portia)
2012, June,
Taming of The Shrew
Translator, Director, Actor (Kate)
2012, June,
Shakespeare, Merry Wives of Windsor,
Translator, Director, Actor(Mrs Ford)
2010, December
Director, Actor(Juliet)
2010, May
Henry IV Part 1 & Part 2,
Translator, Director, Actor(Hull & Hotspur)
2009, November,
Play, John et Beatrice,
2009, April,
Ballet, Snow White
Book, Director
2008, Summer Tour
Flowers for Algernon,
2007, February,
Ballet, Julliet
Book, Director
2006, August,
Play, A Secret Bridesmaids’ Business
Translator, Director
2006, February,
Play, Spike Heels,
Translator, Director
2005, December,
My Play,
Writer, Director, Actor(Chorus)
2005, June,
Play, Flowers For Algernon,
2004, August,
Julius Caesar,
photo of black ceramic male profile statue under grey sky during daytime
2003, December,
My Play on Shakespeare,
Writer, Director, Actor(Navigator)
wedding couple sitting on green grass in front of body of water at sunset
2003, November & July,
Opera, Il Matrimonio Segrato,
people performing in opera house
2003, Feberuary,
Opera, Il Capuleti e Il Montecchi,
2001, April
Play, Mouth to Mouth,
Translator, Director.
My debut piece.
2022 February 5, Scene Demonstration of The Seagull, directed by Victor Negeriskoy: Act as Arkadina
2020 March 29-31, The Tempest, Shakespeare. Boook, Direct, Act, Film Making
2019, July 5 Director, Actor, Writer,
2018, November 1-4 Title Role, French Straight Play
2018, June
Othello, Translator, Director, Actor(Othello, Iago)
2017, February, November and March 2018, Musical, Director
2016, January 31
English Acting Workshop for Teachers
Speaker Coach
2015, September 27
2014, November
Translator, Director, Set Designer
2014, June, Shakespeare, Writer, Director, Actor
(Compilation of famous speeches and scenes from Shakespeare Plays)
2013, October, 27,
Opera Song Recital,
Director, Navigator
2012, October
Opera, L’Elisir d’Amor
2012, July,
Play Dramatic Recital, Spike Heels,
Translator, Director
2011, February
Ballet, Little Mermaid,
Book, Director
(An Original Ballet piece with words)
2010, October,
Chekhov, The Bear,
2010, February,
Ballet, A Happy Prince,
Book, Director,
An original Ballet with words, based on Oscar Wilde’s Novel
2009, September,
Translator, Director, Actor(Macbeth)
julius caesar marble statue
2008, March 15,
Julius Caesar Dramatic Recital,
Director, Actor
2007, February,
My Play,
Writer, Director, Actor
2006, November,
Japanese Play,
2006, July,
Opera, Apollon et Hyachintus by Mozart,
brown chandelier hanging at the center of room
2006, February,
Play, devised from I’ll Leave it To You, by Noel Coward,
Translator, Director, Actor(Rich Madam)
close up photo ofg light bulb
2005, October,
Play, The Glass Menagerie,
Translator, Director
2005, March,
My Musical,
Writer, Director, Actor(Lead)
2004, April,
Play, Dolly West’s Kitchen,
Translator, Director
2003, December,
Play, The Happy Prince,
Book, Director, Actor(Chorus)
2003, April,
Play, A Secret Bridesmaids’ Business,
Translator, Director
2003, February,
Play, A Proposal,