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  • Golden Waterfall: DoRyu

    Golden Waterfall: DoRyu

    I visited one of rare waterfalls in Japan.It is called DoRyu Waterfall, meaning Throwing-up Dragon…yes, wow, isn’t it? DoRyu 吐竜 DoRyu in Japanese kanji character is 吐竜。 吐 is pronounced as Do [do].It means both breathing out and throwing up.The fundamental meaning must be strong gush of something coming out from a mouth. You see the charcater is composed with 口 and 土.口 is mouth.土 is earth. The second character 竜 [ryu:] means dragon. Japanese language is easy! Anyway, I want to show you beautiful Japanese autumn when all the mountains and waters turn red and gold. I am so appreciated if you subscribe my youtube channel. Wait for […]

  • Secret Floating Bridge

    Secret Floating Bridge

    At the deep end of Tokyo, there is a huge reservoir lake called OkTama (Okutama). And farther deep to the west of the lake, there is a floating bridge. Once, there were small villages on both sides of the mountains. But about 70 years ago, the area was drowned to make a huge reservoir lake to provide drinking water for Tokyo people. The two villages, though fortunately saved from being drown, lost contacts with each other. The mountains west of Tokyo are unbelievably steep, if not so high, and without bridges it is almost impossible to reach the village on the other side. So, when the dam divided those villages, […]

  • Beautiful Autumn Ueno Park

    Beautiful Autumn Ueno Park

    In this COVID-pandemic era, traveling around the world is still very difficult. So let me share a beautiful autumn scene from Tokyo . This is a view of Ueno Park near Asakusa, Tokyo, facing National Museum, over a beautiful pond. There used to be two ponds with beautiful elcetrified fountains. But, with no reason, one of the fountain-pond was demolished and now we only have a vast empty concrete-blocked space. The space is used as an open space event venue and regional-fair shop stolls. Still, we have this view which reminds me of Belvedere in Vienna. Ueno Park is just so beautiful at any season of the year. In autumn, […]

  • Lake OkuTama, Tokyo

    In Tokyo, somehow, miravulously, the numbers of patients of COVID-19 are dramatically fallen. However, we are still living in the world where travelling abroad is strictly forbidden. So, I thought it might be a little fun for you to see some beautiful nature of Tokyo now. I have made a short video, showing you around Lake OkuTama, 1 hour train ride from Shinjuku. You also have to walk another 1 hour or so, and I recommend you to rent a car.Because the place is near nowhere, the lake itself is very quiet and clean. Here is the Youtube link. If you like to see more of this kind, please […]



    Today I show you a legend figure called Tengu [ten-gu]. During the Lockdown of Tokyo, I sneaked into Mount Takao (which is in Tokyo indeed!). Mount Takao has a Michelin Star and a popular place for foreign tourists. An old tale says there lived TENGUs in Mount Takao. TENGU has human figure with bird-like face and huge wings. It (he) has some miraculous power. With their long nose, reddish skin colour, tall figure and living as if hiding from usuala village society, some scientists and researchers say TENGU must be some Russians who fled from the continent and hiding om the mountains, and Japanese people thought them as Gods. Here […]

  • Meditation at Spa

    Meditation at Spa

    Just uploaded a travel video.For your meditation and serenity. Since coming back from Lake Baikal on 23rd of February 2020, I have been locked myself up in my house and never used public trasportaion, for the fear of catching COVID-19. On 7th October 2020, my father and friends of his decided to go on a spa trip to the deep mountainside. As I just finished my singing stage, I finally decided to join him, to keep him safe from many things. I took public transportation after more than seven months and two weeks. Fresh. The spa is called NakaFusa. I put as much information as possible in the movie, which […]