Different Sense of Directions

While Shylock was running seeking his run-away daughter, Antonio’s friends were running looking for bank-rupt […]

Need Translator into Japanese?

I have produced another translator specialized in theatre (plays). British Commonwealth of Nations Linkage of […]

Fruit Country Yamanashi, Japan

Japan is a fruit country. The nearest fruit area to Tokyo is Yamanashi prefecture. Friends of mine has sent me […]

Fuchu Hair Salon, Tokyo

Hi! I had my hair cut today at Marbles, a hair salon in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. Just in case if anybody intereste […]

Poetry Meets Stillness

Shodo, Japanese calligraphy. Today’s theme is this: poetry meets stillness. (Let me tell you I am a novice, so […]

Beautiful Tokyo Summer Evening

Some tourists may afear to choose Japan as a travel destination. But we have beautiful moments as well. Enjoy […]

Aesthetic Mind; Japanese Calligraphy

Mind you, I am a novice and practicing. Having said that, I am enjoying using brush and ink. These calligraphy […]

Japanese Calligraphy

I have always wanted to learn Japanese calligraphy. It is called Shodo. Just one year ago, I met a great maste […]

So Who’s Shakespeare? (a song by ELICA)

It’s Elica, singing her original song On Shakespeare. https://youtu.be/S_O4RXvR1pI Elica in black jacket as Ot […]

Simple Japanese Hairdo with Just One Pencil!

Hi, Elica is here. Look st my hairdo. It is done with one pencil only. Beautiful simple tech.