Is Shylock a Villain?

If you, as a director, want to make Shylock a villain, make him a really bad father who hates his own daughter […]

Different Sense of Directions

While Shylock was running seeking his run-away daughter, Antonio’s friends were running looking for bank-rupt […]

Need Translator into Japanese?

I have produced another translator specialized in theatre (plays). British Commonwealth of Nations Linkage of […]

Fruit Country Yamanashi, Japan

Japan is a fruit country. The nearest fruit area to Tokyo is Yamanashi prefecture. Friends of mine has sent me […]

Fuchu Hair Salon, Tokyo

Hi! I had my hair cut today at Marbles, a hair salon in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. Just in case if anybody intereste […]

Troubled Shylock

Troubles fell to Shylock all of a sudden. First, Antonio is bankrupt. ↓ Shylock has lost vast amount of money […]

Poetry Meets Stillness

Shodo, Japanese calligraphy. Today’s theme is this: poetry meets stillness. (Let me tell you I am a novice, so […]

Hath Not a Jew Eyes? (Shylock)

Shylock continues to say, “Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, […]

I am a Jew. (Shylock)

After Shylock tells Antonio’s flesh will feed his revenge, he give thousands of evil deeds he suffers from Ant […]

To Bait Fish Withal

To bait fish withal. Shylock answers to the question how he is to use the flesh of Antonio. Savage!! He contin […]