Shinto Holy Basin

Miwa Shrine’s soup bowl. The three-cedars is the symbol of the shrine.




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How to Be Perfect in Visiting A Shinto Shrine

When you visit a Christian church, there is a holy basin to purify you as entering the place.

In Japanese Shinto religion, we have similar ritual.

Just before entering the holy area, you would notice a big basin With running water.

People gather to purify themselves before entering.

  • Take one of the ladles with your right hand,
  • Receive the fresh water from the fountain mouth into the ladle,
  • Wash your left hand with the water from the ladle,
  • Wash the other hand as well,
  • Take the ladle again with your right hand and
  • Receive the water with your left hand to
  • Wash your mouth three times.

Well, you watch and follow what the other people do.

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Letter from Miwa 1

As my birthday approaching, I visited Miwa shrine for the blessing.

This shrine is located in the Asuka area, of Nara, Japan.

About the area, please see the official site

The area is deeply connected to ancient mystical huge-stone culture and mythology.

And, once be there, you surely will feel something different, especially early in the morning.

Holy Tri-Cedars of the Sacred White Snake

Enjoy Japan.

I will show more of Miwa area for another few days.

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Long Distance Midnight Bus

If you are planning to travel around Japan,
I suggest to use long distance midnight bus.

If you are in Tokyo, the terminal is Shinjuku.

Here is the English site for you.

Literally you can go anywhere just by sleeping!

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Do You Think You Are Going To Eat Rice?

In Japanese, cooked rice is called « Gohan ».

But have you heard the Japanese people say, « Gohan Taberu? »

« Taberu » means to eat.

So, you might guess that you are going to eat rice.


You may be brought to an Italian restaurant or a Chinese restaurant or some sandwich cafe.

We Japanese use the word « Gohan » for eating food.

« Gohan Taberu? »
 « Are you hungry?  Do you want to eat anything? »

More complicatedly, while eating Japanese food, then « Gohan » means specifically cooked rice.

Well, you’ll get used to it.

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