Freshen yourself up with IKI stretch

I have just put English subtitles in.
Lake Baikal is the deepest and clearest lake in the world, and is the powerful power-spot as well.

Let’s take in the greatest energy from the earth with Elica’s original IKI-stretching.


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Tori-I, the Sacred Gate

Follow the flow of the people and you will arrive at this Second Bird Gate.


If you have been with me in this blog or my mailing list, you may remember these gates called « Tori-I ».

Tori means bird.

I, pronounced simply as « i », means being there, or staying there.

So, sometimes I call them « Bird Gate ».

Tori-I is the gate only for the shrine.

Look at the different kinds of Tori-I.

I am not the specialist bur I heard the different styles show different times and religious lines.

One of my favorites. Sai-Shrine near Omiwa. The little red shrine is for performing art.
Huge Bird-gate of Miwa shrine and Nijo-zan (two-top) mountains.
The Whole view of Miwa Shrine, with a very special hand woven barrier.
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Omiwa Power Spot

If and when you are Omiwa shrine, walk toward Sai shrine which is 5 minutes walking distance in the Miwa mountain.

Before reaching Sai shrine, there is an ancient form of shrine of rock. It is a very very powerful power spot where not many people aware of the existence.

Look at the cedars just above the spiritual rock.
So powerful that you may feel dizzy.

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