Stanislavski’s 9 Questions


If you have learned or are learning acting or theatre, you may have heard about Stanislavski.

When I learned about it at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), it really opened my eyes to seize the characters and the structure of the play.

I will write them down in this blog just in case someone sees this and uses it for his daily communication and on stage.

Before going forward, please allow me to use only “he, him, his” for the third nouns. I personally believe it must includes “she, her, her” and that will make the world much easier and simpler.

Question 1 : Place?

Question 2: Time?

Question 3: Character?

Question 4: Action?

Question 5: Reason?

Question 6: Activities?

Question 7: Pressure?

Question 8: Obstacles?

Question 9: Stakes?

When you apply those questions to your own life, you may find your own goal in your life.

Let LIVE INTERACTION with IKI make you live fully.


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