Throwback Saturday 1: British Directors’ Guild

Since I have no stage obligations these days because of pandemic, I now am going to put some of my memories in my theatrical life.

First of all and most importantly, my experience of British Director’s Guild Workshop.

Here is a group photo.

Where is I? I am at the edge of the second pillar from the left, in stylish black leather rider’s jacket, over a green shirt.

Some of them I still keep contact with.
Some of them I happened to celebrate the reunion.

Through this workshop, I learned the charm of acting and directing Shakespeare for the first time.
I am not lying. I had been an experimental avant-garde style director and not interested in Shakespeare staging at all.  (Of course, I liked the plays to watch, though.)

But in this workshop, I met John Burton the founder of Royal Shakespeare Company. He totally washed my brain out (or rather, in?) to glimpse the great world of Shakespeare as a director and an actor.
I have a more interesting and deeper story to tell about this, but later.

Thanks to John, I am still working in theatre world.

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