Hey, I’ve got a brand new MacBookPro16 today!
ちょっと見て見て、最新MacBook Pro 16インチがやってきた!

It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but I wasn’t available. I have been waiting for this day for … how many years?

My MacBookPro has been my partner since 2012. I have no complaint with that. But since the OS turned out to be Catalina and iOS being updated, my 2012-book started showing a little bit of staccato kind of movement.
これまで使ってきたMacBook Proは2012年から私のパートナー。何の不満もなかったのですが、マックのOSがカタリーナになり、iOSも進化して、これまでのMacBook Proが何となく滞った動きを見せたり再起動になったり、とついて来られなくなって。

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here we have the Brand New MacBook Pro 16 inch!
さあて皆様、お立ち会い、これが最新のMacBook Pro16インチ!


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