How to Use Your Legs on Stage: Performance on Stage

I teach opera and classical singers at National Tokyo University of Arts and Music.  In the class, they perform a short scene from an 18th century play.  I find it so important that I decided to tell those important skills on this blog.
First, remind your legs.
To be natural on stage is probably the most important skill.
But in most cases, people themselves who are so tensed and panicked are naturally there, rather than the character whom they need to show.
The key is the legs.
First, stop stepping up and down and walking about.
Especially at some dramatic momentum, amateur actors use their legs to show how much they are in trouble.
Stop that.
Because, the character’s frustration are probably more still and condensed; if they are adult characters, they could be quieter.
But when you yourself are panicked and if the character you are portraying are not, what should you do?
To be continued…
【Today’s Live Interaction】
Recognize how you use your legs normally.


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