Beautiful Autumn Ueno Park

In this COVID-pandemic era, traveling around the world is still very difficult. So let me share a beautiful autumn scene from Tokyo .

This is a view of Ueno Park near Asakusa, Tokyo, facing National Museum, over a beautiful pond.

There used to be two ponds with beautiful elcetrified fountains.

But, with no reason, one of the fountain-pond was demolished and now we only have a vast empty concrete-blocked space. The space is used as an open space event venue and regional-fair shop stolls.

Still, we have this view which reminds me of Belvedere in Vienna.

Ueno Park is just so beautiful at any season of the year.
In autumn, red cherry trees and yellow ginko trees, with evergreen pine trees.
In winter, the fine sharp twigs and bare shaped trees give us nostalgic atmosphere.
In spring, the most famous cherry blossoms blooming.
And in summer, thick green shades serve us coolness.

Hoping to see you here in the near future!