Different Sense of Directions

While Shylock was running seeking his run-away daughter, Antonio’s friends were running looking for bank-rupt friend.

In English, they say;

“We have been up and down to seek him.”

In Japanese, we say;

Run from east to west,

(東奔西走 to-hon sei so)


Go Right and come left,

(右往左往 u-oh, sa-oh)

It is interesting we have different choices in directions.

++ Live Interaction of the Day ++
Panicking, we tend to lose directions. Next time, try to be calm.

Need Translator into Japanese?

I have produced another translator specialized in theatre (plays).

British Commonwealth of Nations Linkage of ITI JAPAN (BCL-ITI) offers courses to raise professional drama translators.

This person is a researcher of theatre in education.

I am so glad!

If you have a play or two, or a novel or two, or, a radio drama or film script and other things to be translated into Japanese, please contact us through this website.

Fruit Country Yamanashi, Japan

Japan is a fruit country.

The nearest fruit area to Tokyo is Yamanashi prefecture.

Friends of mine has sent me and my theatre team gorgeous and lovely, tasty grapes!

Wonderful autumn season has come.

The actors are so happy!

We will by playing The Magic Flute in September, and The Merchant of Venice a la musical in October.


Fuchu Hair Salon, Tokyo

Hi! I had my hair cut today at Marbles, a hair salon in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan.

Just in case if anybody interested in, here is the website (in Japanese).

The salon supports a footsal team in Fuchu, and many foreign players were there when I came in today.

Sato the chief and owner of the salon is a skillful technician.

My outfit is a silk shirt dress by DIANE von FURSTENBERG.

Poetry Meets Stillness

Shodo, Japanese calligraphy.

Today’s theme is this: poetry meets stillness.

(Let me tell you I am a novice, so this cannot make a good example.)

静 means stillness

詩 means poetry

情 means humanity and feelings

Beautiful words!


Beautiful Tokyo Summer Evening

Some tourists may afear to choose Japan as a travel destination.

But we have beautiful moments as well.

Enjoy Tokyo late summer evening.

This is Kagurazaka, river cafe, Tokyo.

Aesthetic Mind; Japanese Calligraphy

Mind you, I am a novice and practicing.

Having said that, I am enjoying using brush and ink.

These calligraphy meaning:

Aesthetic sense
Freely express.


Japanese Calligraphy

I have always wanted to learn Japanese calligraphy.

It is called Shodo.

Just one year ago, I met a great master of Shodo, and started learning.

But it’s really fun!

This one, the meaning is,

Sleeping on the clouds,

Lying on the stones.

So Who’s Shakespeare? (a song by ELICA)

It’s Elica, singing her original song On Shakespeare.
Elica in black jacket as Othello, and red as Iago.
Masculine make up makes her look a bit weird.

Simple Japanese Hairdo with Just One Pencil!

Hi, Elica is here.

Look st my hairdo.

It is done with one pencil only.

Beautiful simple tech.