Beyond Your Dream

If your are an actor, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, mother, or father, whoever you are, you have your own dream.

Your dream is to satisfy you; to satisfy your personal wants.

Money, reputation, praises, fame, power.


Enjoyment, free time, happy hour with your family, traveling, sports…

Your dream is to make your life a little more enjoyable and happier.

What happens when your life becomes more enjoyable and happier?


People around you become happier, don’t they?

You want to spend a happy moment with your family, friend, or love, and that mean you family, friend, and your love become happy, right?

With your dream, somebody also gets happier.

Your dream is not selfish at all, when it also makes somebody happy!

So, actors, singers, dancers, entrepreneurs, mothers, and fathers, think about it.

++Live Interaction of the Day++

List up the names of people you want to make happy.


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